Jon Calhoun

Jon Calhoun 2017   

Currently I'm in my fifth year as a computer science PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where I'm co-advised by Professors Luke Olson and Marc Snir. My research interests lie in fault tolerance issues related to high-performance computing systems. In particular, I'm interested in silent data corruption and its impact on HPC applications and runtimes.

Recent Activity

  • I passed my final examination!!!
  • My paper entitled Towards a More Complete Understanding of SDC Propagation was accepted to HPDC'17
  • My poster at entitled Application of Numerical Accuracy to the Selection of Lossy Compression Error Tolerances was accepted to the ACM Student Research Competition at Supercomputing 2016. .
  • My PhD Showcase talk was accepted at Supercomputing 2016.
  • Passed my prelim!!!!!!